Top 10 Famous Temples in India

India is a country of temples. There are lots of famous temples in India and it has been adulated by some of the great people who have lived on the Earth. The proof of Indian human progress can be followed back to a large number of years. No other place can vouch for such a decent variety, which fills each alcove and corner of this unfathomable nation. The different religions, dialects, tongues, conventions, and customs give numerous aspects of the superb nation called India.

Here is a list of Top 10 Famous Temples in India:

The Konark Sun Temple, Odisha

The Konark Sun Temple

The Sun temple is arranged in the unassuming community of Konark, which is arranged in the Puri region of Odisha. This wonder of engineering is devoted to Lord Sun. Furthermore, taking after his carriage, the temple has been inherent in the state of a chariot, which has twelve haggles that appeared as being hauled by the seven ponies.

The temple is accepted to be built in the thirteenth century by a lord called Narasimhadeva. Like with most things in India, this temple also has associations with a couple of legends. According to one of the legends, God Krishna reviled one of his own children with sickness.

To look for compensation, Samba adored Lord Sun (Surya) for a time of twelve years. Satisfied with his commitment, Surya recuperated him. Samba made the Sun temple consequently to offer his thanks.

The entrancing magnificence of the spot was best summarized by the Rabindranath Tagore through these words: ‘Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man.’

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden Temple

Also known as Harmandir Sahib, this stunning temple is the holiest spot of worship for the Sikh religion and one of the most famous temples in North India. Built during the fifteenth century on the banks of a man-made lake in Amritsar, this current temple’s brilliant veneer and strict importance are an enormous draw and see fans and sightseers the same, show up at its entryways during the time in critical numbers.

The Gurdwara is spiritually the most significant shrine in Sikhism. It became a center of the Singh Sabha Movement between 1883 and 1920s, and the Punjabi Suba movement between 1947 and 1966.

Badrinath Temple, Uttarakhand

Badrinath Temple, Uttarakhand

Situated close to the Alaknanda River, the home of Lord Badrinath is situated in the Chamoli locale, a modest community of Badrinath (Uttarakhand). This blessed sanctuary of Lord Vishnu shapes a piece of the four holiest locales (Char Dhams) in the Hindu religion.

It is likewise one of the four Chota Char Dham journey destinations (nearly minor journey locales). It is one of the 108 temples devoted to Lord Vishnu (Divya Desams), which discover notice underway of Tamil holy people who existed from the sixth to the ninth century.

Mata Vaishno Devi Temple, Katra

Mata Vaishno Devi Temple, Katra

Situated in the lower regions of the strong Himalayas in Jammu and Kashmir, Vaishno Devi is one of the most significant temples in India. Lakhs of lovers embrace the journey to this temple consistently to offer their appreciation to Goddess Vaishnavi, the supporter divinity of this temple.

Arriving at the temple requires a 12 km journey. Fans have various choices running from strolling to riding a pony or even a helicopter among others to get to the top.

Somnath Temple, Veraval


Shree Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple

This is one of the most established journey habitats in India and discovers notice in the antiquated books, as Shivpuran, Skandpuran, and Shreemad Bhagvat. Som alludes to the ‘Moon God’, in this manner Somnath signifies ‘Defender of the Moon God’. As per a legend, Som got the temple worked in the honor of Lord Shiva as it was Shiva who relieved the sickness, which was dispensed on him because of his dad’s in-law’s revile.

It is one of the most respected ‘jyotirlingas’ among the 12 existing jyotirlingas of India. The temple is situated in Prabhas Kshetra in Saurashtra (Gujarat). Prabhas Kshetra is additionally the area wherein, it is accepted that Lord Krishna left his human body.

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Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

The Meenakshi Temple took its current, self-important structure in the 12-thirteenth century, however, it has been a position of love for any longer than that. Situated in the core of Madurai, this rambling temple is committed to Goddess Meenakshi (a manifestation of Parvati).

Its wide corridors are constantly pressed with aficionados, and the three-story gopuram or entrance overshadow its door is especially famous.

Ramnathswamy Temple, Rameshwaram

Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameswaram

Rameshwaram or Rameswaram is a little island town in Tamil Nadu and is one of the four holiest journey places (Char Dhams) of the Hindus.

The purpose behind its being so hallowed is the conviction that Lord Rama alongside his better half Sita previously arrived on its shore in the wake of overcoming the evil spirit Ravana (who was additionally a Brahmin). To look for compensation for murdering a Brahmin, Rama needed to go to Shiva. Hanuman was sent off to Kailash to bring an icon of God. Meanwhile, Sita made a little lingam. The one made by Sita is called Ramalingam and one brought by Hanuman is called Vishwalingam.

According to the guidelines of Lord Rama, Vishwalingam is adored before the Ramalingam, even today.

Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

Situated in Prabha Devi, Mumbai, Siddhivinayak Temple was implicit in the eighteenth century. Siddhivinayak or Lord Ganesha is the preeminent divinity of the temple and is celebrated for being the first to be revered before initiating any new work or task. That is the reason he is otherwise called Vighnaharta (the eliminator of hindrances).

On the wooden entryways of the sanctum, eight impressions of Lord Ganapati (Ashtavinayak) are cut. Siddhivinayak temple comprises one of the eight pictures of God. Other unmistakable pictures are spread more than seven temples arranged in Maharashtra. The temple is visited by the fans the entire day of the year yet Tuesday is the day when the greatest quantities of individuals come to implore the Lord for good karma.

Gangotri Temple, Uttarkashi

Gangotri Temple, Uttarkashi

The consecrated root of Ganga Maa (mother) is venerated at the Gangotri temple, which is arranged in the Uttarkashi region of Uttarakhand. A somewhat lowered Shivaling lying along with the temple in the waters of Bhagirathi implies where God Shiva caught Ganga in his hair. Inherent the eighteenth century the temple is produced using white stone.

The blessed temple of Gangotri opens up on Akshaya Tritiya (normally falling in the long periods of April or May). At this event, an icon of Ganga Maa is brought again from the Mukhyamath temple (her winter habitation), which is a ways off of 20 km. On Diwali, consistently, Maa Ganga again goes back to the Mukhyamath temple.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi

Kashi Vishwanath temple



Situated in the old and heavenly city of life and passing Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Kashi Vishwanath temple is committed to Lord Shiva, additionally alluded to as Vishwanath or Vishweshwara, which means sovereign of the universe. The city of Varanasi is otherwise called Kashi that is the reason the temple is broadly called Kashi Vishwanath temple.

The recognized temple has been visited by numerous extraordinary sacred men like Swami Vivekanand, Adi Shankaracharya, Goswami Tulsidas, and Gurunanak. The legitimacy or the endowments got from locating jyotirlinga at Kashi Vishwanath is equivalent to that earned from visiting the remainder of the 11 jyotirlingas set at a few regions in India. A visit to the consecrated temple of Shiva is accepted to be one of the routes through which one can accomplish Moksha (extreme freedom of the spirit).

This list of temples in India is based on my opinion and likewise, from the different temples of India, one can realize the essence of the enigmatic land of India.

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