The Uses and Side Effects of Tramadol Drug

What is Tramadol?

Tramadol is a medication that is used as a painkiller. It is effective in case you have sharp or moderate pain. For instance, doctors prescribe it after completing an operation. It is also used to reduce the pain factor after a serious accident or injury. In case your average weak painkillers are no longer effective, Tramadol is used. You should determine the quantity of Tramadol as per the intensity of pain and the tolerance and sensitivity levels of the patient.

What are the side effects of using Tramadol?

If you have used Tramadol Tablets, make sure not to drive, work with heavy machines or perform heavy activities since it causes dizziness. Besides this, other common side effects include nausea, vomiting, lower energy levels, severe headache, constipation, dry mouth, itchiness, and sweating. These are some of the most common and mild after-effects, which will leave in a few days or a few weeks at maximum.

However, there might be some severe side effects as well. This includes trouble in breathing, Serotonin syndrome, physical issues, Adrenal and Androgen deficiency symptoms. Serotonin Syndrome occurs as increased heart rate, high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, higher body temperature, stronger body reflexes, no control over body movements, irritation, hallucinations, and even coma.

You may experience trouble breathing as well- your breathing rate becomes slow, minimized chest movement on inhaling and exhaling, feeling dizzy and confused, and blacking out. You may experience trouble sleeping and feel restless. Other than this, physical side effects are muscle, back, and joint pain, runny nose, dilated pupils, and etcetera.

Precautions to be followed before administering the drug

You have to be careful with patients who have Respiratory Depression or if concomitant CNS depressant drugs are used or if the recommended dosage is increased sharply. This is because you cannot ignore the probability of respiratory depression in such situations.

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It has been reported that certain patients experience convulsions or seizures on receiving the recommended dosage of Tramadol. In case the dosage of the medicine is pushed beyond the upper daily dose limit of 400 mg, the chances of this threat taking place increase.

Taking Tramadol may prove to be harmful in patients who also use other medicines simultaneously. They may experience frequent seizures as the other medication might lower their seizure threshold. This is why patients who suffer from epilepsy or experience seizures should only be prescribed Tramadol only if there is an absolute necessity.

Long-term dependence on this drug causes withdrawal symptoms if stopped suddenly. This is especially dangerous for patients who have abused drugs in the past. Thus, if the patient does not require using Tramadol, the doses should be decreased gradually.

What happens if you stop taking Tramadol suddenly?

Tramadol is a medicine that is applicable for both short-term and long-term treatments. The usage period entirely depends on the intensity of your pain. In case you stop taking medicine all of a sudden without gradually decreasing the dosage (recommended), you experience withdrawal effects.

This includes a greater rate of breathing, teary eyes, running nose, sleepiness, sleeping problems, dilated pupils, increased heart rate, sweating, appetite loss, diarrhea, stomach ache, nausea, and committing.

There are also repercussions if you forget to take your scheduled doses. In this case, the function of the medication or purpose for which you are availing this treatment may be deemed null and void. This is because the drug usually works with a certain amount present in your body throughout all times.

On the other hand, an overdose of the drug is also harmful. The side effects of this include slower breathing rate, speaking issues, a troubled state of mind, feeling tired and weak, cold and clammy skin, very slow heart rate, low blood pressure, and weakness in muscles, constricted pupils, seizures, fatal heart issues such as cardiac arrest, and even coma and death in some cases.

So what should you do in case you forgot your dose? The first obvious option is to take it immediately on remembering. If you only remember when the time is close for your next dose, take your next dose on time. Do not take two capsules as double-dosing has many risks. If you are confused if the drug is working or not, you can verify it by identifying if your pain has reduced.

Where should you store the drug?

The ideal temperature for storing Codeine Tablets is at room temperature, that is, 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The medication should come in a tight and closed container so ensure that before purchasing. You should keep tramadol tablets far away from sunlight. Besides sunlight, the drug should also not come in contact with moist or damp areas. Thus, the Bathroom is off-limits.

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