4 Ways to Use a Seedbox Other Than Torrenting

We all know what’s the primary purpose of using a Seedbox right? Seedbox delivers high-speed bandwidth for the users so that they can download and upload huge digital files over the P2P network.

An avid torrent user definitely has access to the best Seedbox provider since they are meant to make the torrenting experience smooth and secure. But did you know you could use your Seedbox other than torrenting activities?

Well, with minor adjustments and a few modifications done to it, you can use this remote hosting server for more than one purpose. You can make the most of your Seedbox and that too on your own.

Below we have listed some alternative use of Seedbox that will make the most of it. Continue to read till the end to find out now.

Best Ways to Use a Seedbox

  1. Using as a Voice Hosting Server

Did you know you can install services with your Seedbox that can be used for hosting your very own chat server or voice server such as TeamSpeak? Since the Seedbox is a high-speed hosting server, you won’t be facing the issue of overloaded users with TeamSpeak services.

However, to set up your Seedbox for using it as a voice hosting server you need a Seedbox that has root access so that you can easily host files from TeamSpeak. In order to make your Seedbox use for this purpose you must make it a point that you have dedicated Seedbox with root access.

  1. Creating a Gaming Server

Yet again you can use the Seedbox solution for creating and developing a personalized gaming server. Of course, you need to fulfill some system requirements before you set up the Seedbox to be used as a gaming server.

Also, not every Seedbox provider allows hosting the game server, hence, it is important that you assess the policy terms carefully before choosing a solution. Other than that, you have to get a dedicated Seedbox with SSH root access.

  1. Streaming Media

You can stream media files with the help of your Seedbox server. All you gotta do is integrate the Plex media server with your Seedbox solution and this will provide you with your very own streaming media platform.

You can stream media from the media library. To make things even easier, several best Seedbox brands come along with the Plex integrated Seedbox solution so you don’t have to purchase it separately.

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  1. Remote Applications

You can access and run applications through VNC connections with the help of a Seedbox. All you gotta do is install VNC software on your Seedbox and then you can follow the consecutive steps to establish the connection between your server and the device on which you want to run the applications.

You can control and access these applications with a few modifications made to your Seedbox.


So, what are you waiting for? Do more with your Seedbox other than just torrenting. Modify and use this remotely hosted server to its fullest extent. Unlock amazing features with the help of the best Seedbox brand.

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