What Is 100% Virgin Remy Hair?

What Is 100% Virgin Remy Hair? Hair extensions come in two major forms: synthetic hair and human hair. Synthetic hair is an artificial hair extension produced from animal products and fiber and coated with silicone to protect it from tangling. However, once the chemical is washed off, the synthetic hair extension mattes and tangles, making reuse very unlikely.

Virgin hair weaves, on the other hand, are, simply, human hair. They are sourced from young donors from India, Russia, Cambodia, China, Peru, Brazil, and other countries where lustrous locks are in abundance.

In the human hair extension catalog, there are still further categories. There is 100% virgin hair, non-Remy human hair, and Remy Hair.

First, a non-Remy human hair is hair extensions that either has no cuticles at all or have cuticles that face any which way. These grades of human hair tangle very easily, making it look very unnatural.

Remy Hair

Remy Hair is, first and foremost, 100% human hair. Remy human hair is known for being manually sorted and thoroughly checked for quality. The most important feature of Remy is that all hair cuticles are intact and facing one direction. So the naturalness of the hair is preserved as-is from the source.

However, not all Remy human hair is virgin hair. But there is 100% Virgin Remy Hair.

Say what now?!

I’ll explain it.

100% virgin hair is human hair extension that hasn’t been tampered with chemically. It means the donor of the hair never dyed, permed, or colored the hair. No chemical had been used on the hair prior to donation. So 100% virgin hair is human hair bundles as nature made it, no additives.

So What Is 100% Virgin Remy Hair?

100% Virgin Remy Hair

Remember what makes Remy human hair different from non-Remy hair. The difference is in the cuticle. Remy Hair has its cuticles in excellent condition, and all of them face one direction. This is a unique difference as it makes Remy Hair tangle-free and natural-looking – just like the hair looked on the actual donor. In fact, just like your natural locks look on you.

Remember also what makes virgin hair what it is. It’s pure and unadulterated. It is human hair as nature gave it. No chemicals have been used on the virgin hair, ever.

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Now let’s join the two features together: virgin and Remy.

100% Virgin Remy Hair, therefore, is a Remy brand of hair that was sourced from donors that wore their hair naturally without adding any chemicals or colors prior to the time they donated the hair. Brands like Indique Hair, Hair Factory, RM Factory gets their hair from this source so it is pure virgin hair.

Do you understand now what it means that not all Remy human hair is virgin hair, but there is 100% Virgin Remy Hair?

In simple terms, Remy Hair has two human hair brands from which you can choose to create a signature hairstyle of your own.

Non-Virgin Remy Human Hair

Non-Virgin Remy is a brand of Remy human hair that had received chemical additives from the source before it was donated. In other words, the hair had been dyed, permed, or colored until it got donated.

100% Virgin Remy Hair

100% Virgin Remy Hair is a brand of Remy that’s pure from the source – no chemical additives, no colors, or any unnatural treatment.

In conclusion, all Remy brands are pure virgin hair. Some of the Remy wefts are sourced from people who never used chemicals on their hair, in which case the hair is 100% virgin. The rest are non-virgin but still the best because they all preserve the true nature of human hair.

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