Why Should You Install Outdoor Awnings?

Are you trying to enhance the beauty of your house and increase its resale value in the most cost-effective way? Then, installing outdoor awnings can be the best option for you. Awnings can be a valuable addition to any home and are available in different styles and designs. Many use awnings to change the look of the house. However, besides their aesthetic appeal, awnings have several benefits. So, if you want to know why installing awnings could be the best thing you can do to your home, read the following.

Give a makeover

Awnings come in different fabrics, textures, and colours that can complement and contrast the colours of your home, accentuating its overall beauty. You may also get different types of awnings like open awnings, semi-cassette awnings, full cassette awnings, pivot arm awnings, and so on that can match any decor.

Architects and creative designers can develop modern and useful designs for an awning that incorporate colour, light, shape, graphics, texture, and structure. Awning frames can be customised into any shape and size and covered with awning fabric to add to the home’s aesthetics.

You may want the awning to stand out from the colour of your home, or you may want to opt for something that blends with it. And, whatever you want, there are endless possibilities for a makeover.

Protect from external elements

Basically, outdoor awnings protect the home’s exterior from various external elements. It protects the home from water damage by shielding it from sleet, rain, ice, and hail. When you have the right all-weather awnings, you can keep precipitation from creating weak points around doors and windows. Further, if you forget to shut your windows during a rainstorm, the awnings can prevent letting the water into the house.

Awnings can also protect from the harsh rays of the sun. For example, if you shade your porch, you and your family can spend a lot of time outside in the open air without worrying about overheating or sunburns.

Save on energy bills.

Awnings do an excellent job at absorbing heat and keeping the home cool. Using fabric awnings in southern and western-faced doors and windows can decrease the heat by 65 and 75%, respectively. When the air around is cooler, and you reduce the amount of sunlight entering the house, your indoors also stay cooler. During the summer months, awnings can help reduce energy consumption as you don’t need to use the AC throughout the day. Installing retractable awnings can help you save around $200 on energy bills per year.

Extend the living space

Awnings built off a deck or patio can be a cool and relaxing extension of the living space where you can enjoy the comfort of the shade in the sweltering heat. Further, you can use awnings to extend your living area, giving you more room to relax and enjoy the outside view. Moreover, if you don’t like the idea of an extended awning, you can use a retractable awning and use it according to your needs.

Protect against moisture

Frequent and excessive exposure to moisture can lead to the growth of moulds. Moulds can cause various ailments like coughing, nasal stuffiness, throat, eye, and skin irritation. Awnings can protect window and door frames and door casings from moisture and prevent them from being absorbed and accumulated within the roots of the house.

Awnings have an aesthetic appeal and can transform your space without needing to make hefty investments. Further, these are energy efficient, which can add to the value of a home and can also be an important selling point for the homeowner.

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