7 Reasons Why Web Photo Storage Makes Sense

If you are one of those for whom even a 2 TB hard drive is not enough to store images and videos, you need to think of innovative ways to store them like web photo storage. Moreover, if you are using hard drives, you need to be dexterous, organized, and innovative in naming the drives. But this is not the only problem with hard drives.

This is why you need a web-based solution like Image Coast. Such a system offers several benefits over hard drives and other types of photo and video storage systems. Let’s learn why web-based photo storage systems make sense.

Free image hosting is a dynamic alternative to anorthodox hard drive for a person wanting to upload photos to the web to share with others. There are several uses for free image hosting from photos for message board posts, to eBay auctions among many others.

If you are aiming to upload an image quickly for any number of different reasons, all you need to do is find one of the many free image hosts available on the net and you are good to go.

Why You Need a Web Photo Storage?

Let’s discover in little details.

  • Organizing hard drives is difficult

If you are using hard drives, you need to label them right. There may be some for raw videos, some for raw images, and some for others. This is tedious and difficult. Moreover, there is always a chance of data meant for one disk getting stored in another.

Web Based Storage System

  • Hard drive may crash

Even after you label the hard drives properly you may not live in peace. Hard drives are prone to getting corrupt. If even one of these crashes you are left to scratch your head. You may not be able to retrieve the photos even if you bang your head against the wall.

  • Proper hard drive care

You need to take proper care of the hard drives to make sure that they last long. This is not just time-consuming, but also expensive.

  • Difficult to carry

If you need to carry your treasure to different places such as to the client’s office, you need to carry the hard drives. This is difficult.

  • Multiple copies of the same image

If you are editing photographs, using a hard drive or flash drive comes with extra risk. Even if you are not taking hard drives and using USB drives to carry specific photographs, you may end up with several copies of the same image. You are now left to scratch your head to decide which copy of the image is the final copy after editing.

  • Back up

Whether you are using hard drives, flash drives, laptops or desktops, or a combination of all these to store your photographs, you need to have a backup. This acts as insurance against the loss of images. However, this also increases your cost.

  • Difficulty in sending and sharing

You may need to send or share your images with others as a part of collaboration in projects. Indeed, photographers and editors often need to share original or edited photographs with clients, editors, etc. If you are using a hard drive or a USB drive you need to send it to the client. For sending them to the client or to share them with the client you need to use an online platform.

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More and more people these days prefer free photo storage and hosting websites owing to their simplicity. Free photo storage websites offer a no hassle, straightforward and easy way to upload pictures quickly. All you need to do is go to the free website and upload your picture files and get your link.

You don’t have to sign up for user accounts. People who want to quickly upload photos for Twitter, forums, eBay, or websites will find these hosting servicesa blessing in disguise. There are many of these types of websites online, if you are looking for a place to upload pictures, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one.

Conclusion: Web Photo Storage

This amply shows that using hard drives and flash drives to store images and videos is not just an expensive proposition, it is a difficult, problematic, and clumsy alternative to web-based alternatives like image coast. Web photo storage offers several benefits over all the traditional physical media for storage.

They are scalable, accessible from any device, cost-effective, and secured. So, if you are still using hard drives and other physical media for storing your images, it is time to wake up before your affinity for such legacy systems ends up erasing your cherished trove irretrievably.

A web photo storage facility provides you an in-built feature of storing image or video files as a back up measure. So, you don’t have to run around finding a flash driver, a hard drive, or other storage media to store your photos and other such files that are valuable to you.

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