Wrap Dresses: What Occasions Are They Suitable for?

Wrap dresses can flatter any woman’s shape, regardless of her body type. It’s one of the reasons why it’s a popular item of clothing among women of all age groups!

There’s more to them than this, though. Wrap dresses are also versatile enough to be worn to different occasions, from casual gatherings to formal functions. 

Here’s a quick guide on dress codes to make sure that you always stand out on any occasion in style wearing a classic and powerful wrap dress!

Weddings are commonly a white-tie or a black-tie event unless the married-couple-to-be decided to do away with cliché formal wedding themes.

In this case, it’s perfectly fine to put on your fanciest wrap dress! Whether you’re in the mood for a floor-length or a knee-length dress, there’s a wrap dress for you. 

By the way, steer clear from white wrap dresses as the colour white is usually reserved for the bride. If the wedding starts in the afternoon and will wrap up at night, wearing a dress in a deeper tone would be more appropriate. 

If your dress is on the shorter side, wearing flats is the best way to go. When it comes to accessories, always consider the mood of the wedding, but some light jewellery always works. 

  • Business and corporate events

A wrap dress might not be the first garment that comes to your mind when you want to power dress at work, but it’s a great place to start!

The thing about attending formal events is that it’s not the time to experiment with trendy dress cuts and experimental prints, so it makes sense to opt for a wrap dress. The hemline is cut neatly and the patterns are mostly minimal. 

If you’re choosing to wear a mid-length wrap dress, go with a pair of closed-toe pumps and conservative jewellery to achieve that cosy yet powerful work chic look. 

The secret to dressing for such events is to step up from your usual corporate look at the office. Instead of pants or shift dresses and flats, try a longer wrap dress and pair it with a pretty bold (but not flashy) necklace. 

  • Weekend brunch 

Going out on a weekend for brunch with friends means possibly getting scorched by the Singapore heat.

When the sun is out, it’s always best to go out in a sleeveless wrap dress. If showing off arms isn’t for you, then spiff up your brunch look with a flowy or maxi wrap dress. 

For those who like wearing darker tones when going out, a navy wrap dress would blend well with any restaurant interiors, especially if you’re dining indoors. 

If you’re having a picnic at the park, then opt for brighter and lighter shades that complement the surroundings such as green, yellow, or blue. 

In terms of shoes, you may want to stick with flats or slip-ons if you’re planning to do a lot of walking or shopping with your girlfriends!

  • Cocktail parties

A cocktail party is considered an informal social gathering, so a wrap dress that goes above that knee can keep you confident throughout the night. For the sake of comfort, try to stay away from super-short styles by keeping the hemline two inches above the knee.

You’ll never go wrong with a black or navy wrap dress, but any dark-coloured dress would work as long as you know how to accessorise to stand out. Switch to long, dangly earrings and add more bling, if you must!

Whatever dress length or colour you prefer, fancy footwear is mandatory. Even if you have two left feet, a classy pair of high heels will make you look more graceful on the dance floor. 

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