Going to Phuket, Thailand? 5 Cool Places to Visit

If you are looking to spend Xmas in the tropical paradise that is Southern Thailand, you certainly won’t be alone in your quest for the ultimate holiday experience, as Phuket is the number one tourist destination in 2022. A small island located on the Andaman Sea, Phuket has much to offer the tourist, and with that in mind, here are a few highlights to add to your must-visit places.

  1. Night Superyacht Cruise to James Bond Island – See this amazing scenery from a superyacht, with bars, a dancefloor, resident DJ and cabins, as you rock the night away with 50-60 others. You can book this tour from your sea view hotel in Phuket and get ready for a memorable night cruise around this special island. The cost? Around $200, but hey, if you’ve never experienced a superyacht, see how the billionaires live! The duration is around 8 hours and we recommend sleeping before you go, so you are ready to party! If you are travelling solo, you’ll make lots of new friends when on the superyacht and this will make for the best Instagram shoot.
  2. Trek Through Khao Sok – This is one of the most beautiful of all the 100+ National Parks in Thailand and you can canoe down the Sok River as part of an adventure group. Enjoy the amazing views from Sarasin Bridge, then trek into the jungle and see the amazing vegetation and wildlife; after lunch, canoe down the Sok River and stop off at the monkey temple, which is a must-see for everyone. Hang on to your valuables when at the monkey temple, as these cunning little creatures are very nimble and can relieve you of your sunglasses.
  3. Join a Food-Tasting Tour in Old Phuket Town – You can experience around 15 different eateries around the old town of Phuket with a guided tour. If you are a food adventurer, this is the tour for you; find details online and book your spot and experience rich coconut cream curries, the best noodles in town, pork satay, BBQ chicken and sticky rice. If the tour isn’t for you, you can explore the various street food at your leisure and be warned, southern Thai food can be very spicy! Click here for tips when hunting for holiday accommodation. Let’s not forget seafood, with many sea view restaurants where you can enjoy a wide range of dishes.
  4. Khao Lak: Shower with Elephants at the Ethical Camp – Luckily, you are within reach of the Ethical Elephant Camp, where these majestic creatures are cared for; no riding is allowed, but you can join in with the river bathing session and help to feed the animals. Like most activities, this tour can be booked online and it’s a full day including the trek, bamboo rafting, the elephant sanctuary and even a swim at a local waterfall. The sanctuary workers speak English and can answer any questions about elephants, which definitely enriches the experience – elephants are very intelligent, as you will observe when you spend time around them.
  5. Phi-Phi & Bamboo Island Tour – You can’t come to Phuket and not see the Phi-Phi Islands; book a boat tour of the islands, complete with a buffet lunch and you won’t regret it! Snorkel at Bamboo Island, where stunning marine life is found on the stunning coral reefs and you might even see a whale shark!

If you are planning to spend a few days in Bangkok, there is much to see and do in this unique metropolis, while you should also visit Chiang Mai in the northern part of Thailand.

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